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Why do you need a Social Genius?

The person looking at your online profile needs to be able to discover who you are in the physical world. An accurate online representation is paramount in bringing customers to your business. At Social Genius, we are looking at finding your key points, like your unique product offering, or your ethos on sustainability, and showcasing the essence of who-you-are in the digital world. Working with your profile is far more than social media accounts or a website: it is the core values that drive your business or your offerings. We as a company have expert knowledge in assisting organisations, governing structures, businesses and your customers. The people working in the Social Genius Collective are dedicated to building a profile that fits the body of what you do perfectly.


Our team is here to look into your company's needs and give you options to strengthen your presence online and offline. We are able to evaluate your strengths, build up weak points and create a brand strategy that looks at people first while utilizing affordable technological innovations to do so effectively.

Event Planning & Organisation

We are able to draw from thousands of experts in the Events Industry to facilitate your creation. We offer holistic solutions that cover everything from event online presence down to the hardware needed to build the perfect event; from security to brand strategy through to organising the performers and artists.

Brand Strategy Evaluation

We look through the elements that attract people to your company, the image that is visible to the public and the strategy that backs your profile. These work in unison to create a sustainable and robust outlook for you.

Lobbying and Image Crafting

Our team has worked extensively with many organisations and NPCs/NGOs in creating the image needed to secure working relationships with International and National bodies. We assist with lobbying for your organisation to achieve recognition, and open avenues of communication between all parties.

Web Design & SEO

We build websites for Associations, Businesses and Individuals and are able to provide additional services to Government bodies and organisations at a fraction of the usual cost. We always offer free hosting and our services cater to micro-businesses as well as to industrial scale sites.

WhatsApp & Telegram

We are experts at managing various communication platforms and currently provide support to over 9 000 people via different Industry and Sector Groups. We are able to assist with admin services through to digital planning for your communication support service and information tracking and collection.

Facebook Pages & Groups

We have been working with Facebook pages and groups from the very start of the company and keep track of the changes in algorithms and advertising systems used. We are experts on building up page and group presence as well as content management and distribution.

Instagram & Image Platforms

We are able to assist you with evaluating the needs of your Instagram and image sharing platforms to bring them into alignment with trends and current public opinion. We partner you with experts in the field or manage your profile inhouse.

Twitter and Feed Systems

The public's opinion is ever changing but vital in understanding the wants and needs of your customers. We are able to manage your tweets and feeds inhouse or advise your company's experts on how to create a holistic overview of your brand and communications planning.

Logo & Graphic Design

Your image and printed material are more permanent aspects of the ever changing information market. We are here to work with you on your strategy and campaign management structures. We are able to partner you with some of the top designers in the industry or scale your needs to professionals who can work within your budget.

Our Team

Get connected to the world! Our team of experts will help you.

We work with hundreds of people every month to provide digital and personal solutions to the Tourism, Events, Arts, Cultural and Creative Industries. Our core team members are all very different in skillset and together form the evaluation hub that assists you in all your social needs. We have industry and sector experts in every province that we partner with when needed to provide you with up to date services and information, while creating a stable and reliable environment for you to work within.

From assistance with setting up at WTM Africa to creating hybrid micro to large events around the country, we are here to facilitate anything you can dream up and then take it to the world digitally and socially.


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