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Why do you need a Social Genius?

At Social Genius, we want to play our part in getting South Africa's economy up and running again. This is why we want to help YOU, to get your own business off the ground. We will provide you with a complete business set-up package, from the incorporation and registration of your business to a logo, a website, and relevant social media advertising. Depending on the nature of your business, we will custom-build the right package for you. An accurate online representation is paramount in bringing customers to your business. At Social Genius, we are looking at finding your key points, like your unique product offering, or your ethos on sustainability, and showcasing the essence of who-you-are in the digital world.


Our team is here to look into your company's needs and give you options to strengthen your presence online and offline. We are able to evaluate your strengths, build up weak points and create a brand strategy specifically tailored to your needs.

Business Consultation

Have a meeting with one of our business consultants, to find out what your needs are, what kind of business you would like to start, and how best to go about it.

Incorporation & Registration

Our team will help you incorporate your business with CIPC, delivering all the relevant documents to you, and ensuring you are registered with SARS and all other relevant services.

Logo Design

A catching logo is a must for every business. You want your customers to be able to identify with our brand, and recognize your logo at one glance.

Website Design

We build websites for associations, businesses and individuals at a fraction of the usual cost. We always offer affordable hosting and our services cater to micro-businesses as well as to industrial scale sites.

Social Media

The world of Social Media is an excellent advertising tool for your business. We will counsel you on which social media platforms you should join for your type of business, and set up the accounts for you.


For a business to run smoothly, you need to keep control of your administration. We deliver a full admin package, including letterheads, invoice templates, a basic book-keeping template, and advice on which payment platforms to use.

Website Design

Get an overview of what is involved in the registering and building of a website. For more detailed information, please click here.

Number 1

Domain Registration

Before we build your website, we need to register a domain. The domain is your website address. Choose a name that is short and can easily be remembered. Let us know what your chosen name is (preferably your company name, or something linked to it) and we will check for you if the domain is still available. If it is, we will register it for you.

Number 2


Every website needs a "host". Social Genius uses Xneelo as the host company. Our domains are all registered through Xneelo, and once we built your website, we upload it to the Xneelo server. Hosting is usually billed at a set amount per month. At Social Genius, we will ensure the hosting is affordable for you.

Number 3

Website Design

At Social Genius we use generic html website templates that were created by different designers and companies (reference link at the bottom of the website). Then we adapt these templates to our customer's needs. This allows us to create a professional website for you in record time and at very competitive prices.

Number 4

Website Content

The most important part of the website is the content, and this is where YOU come in. In order to fill your website with content (information), you need to submit this information to us. Think carefully how you want to present your business to the world. Imagine the customer being a layman and having absolutely no idea what you do or what your business is about, so you need to explain it to him/her in very simple, basic terms.

1. Define your Budget

First, choose what your budget is, and decide if you want to register multiple domains to protect your brand, or only a single domain. If none of the options we offer is affordable for you, please contact us via email or WhatsApp and we can see if we can make a plan for you.

Domain - R89/year
Domain - R89/year
Domain .com - R199/year
Domain .org - R259/year

2. Choose your Template

Choose/define a template for your website. Each template has a different price, depending on how much content that specific website contains. Our designer will custom-source a template for you and send you different options. The more complicated the template, the more expensive the website will be.

Single Page Templates: R1000 - R2500
Customized Templates: R2500 - R5000

3. Provide us with Content

To provide us with content, click on the "I want this Website" button below your chosen template. This will take you to a form where you can fill in the content step by step. The sections can easily be interchanged, duplicated, or deleted. The colours of the background and the fonts can be changed, and the images can be changed. For each section, if there is an image displayed, you will have to provide us with an image of good quality (at least 1500 x 1000 pixels). You will also need to send us a good working file of your logo. If you don’t have a logo, we can design one for you.

Our Team

Get connected to the world! Our team of experts will help you.

Our core team members all have very different skill sets. Together, we form the evaluation hub that assists you in all your business needs. We have industry and sector experts in every province that we partner with when needed to provide you with up to date services and information, while creating a stable and reliable environment for you to work within. We are here to facilitate anything you can dream up and then take it to the world digitally and socially.

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Business Incorporation
Rahel Lawrence


Website Design
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Social Media
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Logo Design


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